KFC Pakistan hits straight to the heart with its ‘Lets Sign Together’ digital activation. The minute and a half video utilizes the star power of Anooshay Ashraf as she educates viewers about how to effectively use sign language to communicate with the deaf staff at KFC.

This campaign not only helps communicate the CSR responsibility of KFC but also touches the hearts of people by creating awareness about knowing the basics of sign language

The choice of using Anooshay Ashraf is indeed a smart one, as her previous VJ experience brings out the energy to the delivery of the voiceover. The framing of the video is also aesthetically pleasing and the video itself utilizes stop motion technique as well to give it an overall feel of sophistication.

In a digital world full of clichés, KFC Pakistan has truly marked its unique territory and left us speechless with its ‘Lets Sign Together’ campaign. Let’s see how the campaign unfolds further!

This review is contributed by Muneeb Akram , who is the Creative Group Head at a leading Advertising Agency

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