Big organizations across the world make efforts to improve the society in some way. In Pakistan, the concept of CSR is also gaining popularity and companies are coming up with various initiative to help the community and make a difference. We thought to present to you three of our most favorite 2018 CSR campaigns from across the world! The reason why we particularly liked them was because each of these initiative are not only needed in Pakistan but can be easily executed too!

Marc Jacobs

Famous American brand Marc Jacobs partnered with SATO. SATO is a charity organization based in Puerto Rico – a Caribbean island. Marc Jacobs launched the project SATO which is dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused dogs. The company rescued around 1400 dogs and rehabilitated them by placing them in loving homes. The iconic brand continues to help estranged dogs by spreading awareness.

Rehabilitation of stray animals in Pakistan

In Pakistan, we have countless stray dogs and many feral animals that have never been owned. These dogs and cats spread diseases also because of which they are killed or brutally attacked. Wouldn’t it be great if some company decides to provide rehabilitation services for these animals? The first step could be sterilization leading to free vaccination clinics. We follow west in every which way, how about adopting their habit of providing shelter to stray dogs and cats?


IKEA as we all know is world’s largest furniture retailer. This Swedish-founded multinational group has helped people from across the globe as part of their CSR. The company has carried out around 20 CSRs alone in the first half of 2018. The most interesting one according to us was that of opening reading rooms for people. Yes, that’s right. IKDEA opened spaces for reading in uk to help people switch off and read a book. The Reading Rooms, filled with free novels, celebrate reading for relaxation and are designed to encourage the nation to read at home. We personally think, an initiative like this is really important for our younger generation which is glued to their phones.

Bringing back the concept of book reading in Pakistan

The culture of reading in Pakistan is almost dead. There is a very small section of our educated society that likes reading. For us, it’s all about social media. Reading can do wonders, it shapes our thinking and broaden our horizons. It would be great if an initiative like this is taken, where our teenagers are educated about the importance of reading and given free books! As a CSR campaign, if not a reading room then kiosks can be placed in various malls, where books could be given to teenagers.


This one is my most favorite CSR campaign. And I am glad I could be part of it. The name of the campaign is “Long live Fashion”. H&M is collecting used clothes from any brand from their customers and using it for:

Recycle: The textiles that can’t be reused get a new chance as textile fibres or are used to manufacture products in the auto industry.

Rewear:  Clothes that can be worn again are send across the world as second-hand goods

Reuse: Clothes that are not in a good condition to be worn, are converted into other products such as cleaning clothes, dusters etc

Energy: If the clothes are not suitable to reuse, rewear or recycle, they are used to produce energy!

Reuse of clothes in Pakistan

In Pakistan, thankfully we do give away our clothes to our servants and sometimes to the poor at our own convenience. We actually do keep our servants well-kept in that department. But the sad reality is the there are countless people in so many remote areas who are dressed in rags. We also have heavy influx of refugees. They are in dire need of basic needs such as food and clothes. Wouldn’t it be great, if a clothing brand takes an initiative just like H&M and provides clothes to all those needy people?


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