Well, by definition kitty party simply means a fun social gathering where a group of gals meet monthly, in which each one of them contributes money to a central pool and get a lump-sum amount when their turn comes. But when it comes to Lahore, our kitty parties are everything but fun. I am not saying this, it’s said and experienced by very many girls who have been part of various kitty parties. So let me tell you ten interesting yet disturbing facts about the kitty party culture in Lahore:

The nastiest WhatsApp fights EVER

Unfortunately I was part of a few kitties in which a lot of members belonged to the so-called crème de la crème of Lahore. I saw the ugliest WhatsApp fights in the kitty WhatsApp group. The fights would start because of various reasons. Some of which would be a delay in sending kitty, not throwing the kitty party on time, talking rudely etc. Instead of solving this issue on private chats, most of the time, the fights were openly fought in the  group. The girls used the most abusive words towards each other in English and urdu. Yes, urdu! Now imagine how dirty the fight would be. I myself have seen messages such as “you f***in bitch, do you even know who I am” or “you are as fake as your bags”. And then slowly from “you” it became “tu”. Imagine one girl saying to another one “tu kia ik canal k gher mein rehti hia, apni aukaat check ker”. And these are the girls who “show” so much poise and khandanipan when you meet them otherwise.

Frenemy NOT BFFs ( Plastics )

All the girls who seem to be each other’s BFFS are not really that loyal to each other. If you see two girls bond like BFFs at a kitty party, 99% of the time, they would go meet other girls and bitch about their so-called BFFs. And what do these girls do at kitty parties, nothing! They just get busy in banal chatter and that’s it.


Most of the girls who actively participate in kitty parties have nothing substantial or productive to do in their lives. They are either trophy wives or married to someone who has flown out of country because countless corruption cases have been filed on them. These girls, don’t have anything to do in life. Their kids are raised by the help and they have nothing to do. So the best solution to pass the time: join a kitty and brag about your material things. One of my very close friend falls in this category. I don’t judge her, she admits herself that yes I have nothing to do so why not get dressed, look and feel good and do small talk with random girls.

Don’t come without the Birkins please

Many girls join the kitty to make sure they are well placed in the society. And how do they prove they are well placed? They don’t have to “do or say” anything, their shoes and handbags will do the talking. If you are wearing anything less than a Chanel or Hermes, then everyone will treat “differently”. But if you are clad in high-end brands from top to bottom (literally) then you will be welcomes with open arms and consequently you will be considered a well-placed individual in the society.

Ex-wives and ex-girlfriends

In many kitty parties, you will find girls linked to each other because of the “guy”. In some cases, there have been at least 4 girls who have had the same boyfriend in the past! And then, the friction increases, and you see a gossip girl episode in front of you! Blair versus Serena kind of scene, both accompanied by their minions of course!

The camera man!

Though this trend is slowly getting over but it did remain very integral part of every kitty party a year ago. A camera man from one of the many famous lifestyle magazine has to be present at the kitty party. The party gets covered on Instagram and bam, you are famous!

Kitty Party – A business

There are certain organizers in Lahore, who take kitty party as a source of income. They would start kitties of huge amount (30 lac onwards) and would take the first three kitties, invest that amount, buy a plot or file, sell it with profit and then start giving kitties to the rest of the members.

Cheating in the chits

Who will get which month’s kitty is never decided through chits! It is always decided in advance. But it is not known to all the members. The organizer has the guts to take out the chits in front of all the members at the party. If there are 25 members, there would be 25 chits with the same three names written on all of the chits. And so very calmly the organizer will fool the rest of the members and announce the names of the girls who would get the kitty in the next three months.

Taking the kitty and disappearing.

This happens very often. Many times members take their kitty and disappear. And they do actually disappear! They would either go abroad for a few months or stop picking calls. If the organizer doesn’t have a good network of friends then the poor thing would have to give remaining kitty of that disappeared person from her own pocket!

Cafe aylanto

95% of the kitty parties take place at Café Aylanto! So, next time if you see a bunch of girls with golden blow-dried hair with Chanels or Diors , do know that they are the “kitty party girls”


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