Everything You need to know about Make Up and Make Up Artist Madiha Qaiser

Everything You need to know about Make Up and Make Up Artist Madiha Qaiser

Madiha Qaiser is a known name in Pakistan Fashion & Beauty Industry. She is strong and independent-exactly the kind of woman who resonates with our campaign #shadesofsuccess. So let’s explore her journey

Q. How did your professional journey start?

A. My journey, like everyone else’s, shifted direction from what I had pre-planned in my head. My family had a small textile business so I graduated from BNU with a Bachelors’s degree in Textile Design in order to join in and take it further.

Although before this could happen, my parents separated, and at 21 years of age, I joined Ammar Bilal’s team at his store as a Junior Stylist in 2007. Soon after, I started working as a Manager at Maram and Abroos Studio and would often help in menial makeup tasks which honed my interest in this field. I would run home and watch YouTube Makeup Tutorials and taught myself the art of Makeup.

Q.  So, as of today, you are both; a Makeup Artist as well as a Stylist?

A. Yes! Even though I learned Makeup myself, Styling came naturally to me; It was something that I was always keen about.

Q. Ah! So I’ve heard that you know more than just conventional Makeup?

A. My Makeup Studio is in Lahore where I book Bridal and Conventional Makeup clients. Though, I also work as a freelance Makeup Artist and know special effects makeup!

Q. Would you recommend people to buy local makeup brands in Pakistan?

A. If you can afford to purchase international makeup, then definitely that should be your preference. If that’s not the case, then local brands such as Luscious Cosmetics and Musarat Misbah are something you should invest in!

Q. As a stylist and makeup artist in Pakistan; which known celebrities have worked with?

A. I have had the pleasure to work with a multitude of people namely; Sanam Saeed, Hareem Farooq, Ushna Shah, Sohai Ali Abro, Mohib Mirza, Ali Kazmi, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Sameena Peerzada, Shamim Hilali, Adeel Hussain and so many others!

Q. Is your Party or Bridal Makeup affordable at the Studio?

A. Yes. We consciously made an effort to charge the bare minimum, considering the quality of our makeup and usage of high end products. We also offer monthly discounted packages which people can keep a track of on our Instagram page “Madiha Qaiser”

Q. Three current make-up trends that you like.

• Aqua tinted eyes.

• Bare skin look.

• Curled lashes

Q. Three makeup trends that need to stop in Pakistan?

• Lipstick shades that don’t match your skin tone.

• Heavy Eye Lashes to casual events.

• Light foundation on dark skin tones.

Q. If given a chance which three international or local celebrities would u love to do makeover and why?

1. Deepika

2. Ruby Rose

3. Iqra Aziz

Q . Which three Pakistani celebrities are exceptionally stylish?

1. Sabar Qamar

2. Amna Babar

3. Ayesha Omer

Q. Three go-to cosmetic products every girl should have?

1. Concealer

2.  Lip Balm

3.  Mascara

Q. Three things you don’t appreciate our Fashion Industry?

1. Talented artists who find it difficult to land promising jobs because they don’t have contacts in the industry.

2. Sometimes people can be two-faced and not mean well while pretending to be well-wishers.

3. Not getting paid on time!

Q. Three things you like about our Fashion Industry?

1. Some people are extremely creative, hard-working, and professional.

2. People don’t shy away from helping each other!

3. Abundance of fresh talent!

Q . Who are your three most favorite international makeup artists?

•? Pat McGrath

•? Samer Khouzami

•? Parick Ta

Q. Which three Pakistani makeup artists are your favorite?

• ?Omair waqar

•? Fatima nasir

•? Qasim Liaqat

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