Within a few days winter will start. Winters are the most interesting season to dress up for girls. You can play around in so many ways.

Let’s have a look at a few winter trends 2019.

Neon Turtlenecks

This is the most talked about winter 2019 trend. Wearing dark colors in winters is a passe. Brighten up those cold days with the help of a neon rollneck. This is an essential staple for those who like to put on a modern twist on a classic piece.

Chunky Chain Necklaces

Make a statement with a large, chunky chain. Necklaces don’t always have to be delicate, and even the most intricate outfits could benefit from something bold


Personalised Hair Pins

Keep your hair in place and express yourself at the same time with the help of a personalised hairpin. Sparkling, daring and intriguing, these hair accessories will turn every head you walk by.


Puffy Headbands

Satin, studded, velvet or tartan; the ’80s classic headband has come back for another round. These vintage-style headpieces are puffy and sit high up on your head, elevating your look with a retro spin


Dresses and Skirts Worn with Trousers

Another retro style is making a comeback this season, and that’s wearing a skirt or a dress over a pair of pants. As crazy as it may sound, this style is super cute. Streamline your outfit by coupling a pleated skirt with a pair of pants in the same colour.

Boiler Suits

Did someone say comfort and style? A boiler suit isn’t just a utility uniform anymore; it’s a fashion statement. The ‘70s punk ensemble has made a comeback, this time paired with heels and a designer bag. Blurring the body’s silhouette this one piece can look casual or dressy with the help of dazzling jewels

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