Why Attending Fashion SHow is not Interested?

Why Attending Fashion SHow is not Interested?

The Pakistan loreal bridal week starts today at Nishat emporium and ends on saturday. There was a time I used to get excited about it and always attended all the other fashion weeks too (few years back) but not anymore. And its just not me a lot of the people I know have the same opinion. The are various reasons for this. Following is the list of those reasons. And by the way, the concept of Fashion Weeks is dying in west. I have written about it below, do read that too.

•The most annoying part is when the show begins. There is a flood of people rushing to get inside a very narrow entrance inside the main hall. Come on guys, at least organize this properly. Make proper entrances for men and women so that people show their passes and easily go inside. This will save the organizers from a lot of arguments and sometimes even fights amongst the attendees.

•The show is always divided in segments, and each segment has a specific number of designers showing their collection. So, after each section ends the audience is supposed to empty the hall and go outside in the foyer (in simple words the hall outside the main are of show). This is very annoying for many people too- again poor arrangements.

•Once you come back from the break, sometimes your seats are taken by someone else. The ushers try their best to solve issues but it usually creates an unrest.

•Time management is also a huge problem. The show always starts tad bit late! Which does help the guests to network but hey, please follow the time mentioned in the invite!

•You get to see everything live on various Instagram handles, so why waste time, unless you are a really into fashion!

•Some people bring KIDS, I mean for heavens sake, who does that? Once I remember I was sitting in the front row at a fashion show held in flatties Lahore hotel kid ran towards the ramp, the usher quickly held the baby and the mother came arguing with the poor usher for doing her job!

•Another problem is now these shows have been over-crowded! What happens is this, sponsors of the event give passes to their relatives and relatives bring extra people, and since there is so much of hullabaloo that organizers in some cases don’t even do the head count properly

Here I would like to say, I am not saying that don’t go to fashion weeks but for me its kind of “been there, done that” kind of situation. I personally feel, our fashion weeks have turned into a bloated and outdated trade show for an industry that has evolved beyond it (digital), or a parade of influencer narcissism, or an over commercialized slog where nobody has any original ideas anymore. Do you agree?

Did you know the concept of fashion week is dying in the west?

Well yes that’s true, it basically due to social media. Everything is there on every digital touch point. I read an article in which I found out that lately fashion weeks are just an event full of their peers in the fashion industry. Years ago, fashion weeks made sense. Runway shows offered editors and buyers a chance to preview the collections and larger trends that would hit clothing racks in six months, allowing time for magazines to plan content and for department stores and boutiques to make business decisions far in advance. But now it’s a totally different ballgame altogether. I am not saying fashion weeks will not take place, they will, but the appeal it has will decrease

Film industry, fashion shows, traditional advertising will take a back seat thanks to the internet. Yes, it has been predicted that digital will take over everything , especially the ones I just mentioned.

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