So, its that time of the year when kids will be on winter break and mothers like me have no plan of action as to how to keep the kids amused keeping my sanity intact! I have two toddlers and up till yesterday had no idea of what I was going to do in the winter break to keep my kids busy. But now I have a range of ideas both informative and fun!

Read ahead, about various toddlers’ activities happening in Lahore.

Fundamentally, enjoying outdoor winter activities with kids is all about having the right gear. Wrap them up warm and waterproof from head to toe and you’ll see a smile wedged between their rosy cheeks.

Or if you got a crafty little toddler get crafty! Get creative! Learn a little!

Or just have fun with these winter activities.

As temperatures are dropping (and even snow somewhere) we’ve put together a collection of winter crafts for toddlers.


•You could get supplies of art and craft and get all artsy with your little one and be the Leonardo Da Vincis you always dreamed of being. Heres a few art ideas you could try.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

If you want to get the kids out and about, but need a focus to keep them out of mischief, then a winter scavenger hunt could be the solution. We particularly love this one as it uses a combination of pictures and words, making it ideal for pre-readers as well. It’s also great because the kids aren’t only tasked with finding items; they are also encouraged to spot smells and sounds. It’s a great way to really immerse the family in a winter activity.


•Make a Bird Feeder and Get Watching

Our little-feathered friends could do with a helping hand at this time of year and fortunately this coincides with a fabulous winter activity for kids. Use cardboard toilet rolls, peanut butter and bird seed to make simple bird-feeders. String them up in the garden where they can be seen from the window, then get watching! Which Pakistani birds can you spot?

winters in lahore, birdfeeder


Whilst the dark evenings are shortening the days, take advantage of this as an opportunity to stargaze with little ones. In the summer months children are usually in bed a long time before the stars come out, so this can be a fascinating opportunity for them. Choose a clear night and sit out wrapped in blankets and simply watch the night sky. If you want to know a little more about what you’re looking at there are plenty of stargazing apps to choose from, such as Sky Map.


•Get Nostalgic.

Make a list of your family’s favorite winter-themed or holiday books or movies over the years and read or watch one together each night. Or start a new annual tradition by making a New Years Eve time capsule. Have your kids write a letter to their future selves, jot down statistics like height and weight, favorite colors or foods, fun memories from the past year, etc. Decorate a container and seal it away until next year. These winter weather activities and ideas are sure to keep everyone entertained over the holiday break.

•Ice Egg Hunt

It might not be Easter, but winter is the ideal time for an egg hunt with a difference. Pop small toys inside balloons then add some coloured water. Freeze them by leaving them overnight in the garden if it’s set to drop below freezing, or pop in the freezer. Once frozen, cut away the balloon. Hide the ice ‘eggs’ around the garden to find. Once they’re all found create a nest where the small toys can ‘hatch’ (defrost).

winters in lahore

•Little Explorers Daycare

Is an activity based daycare with amazing activities planned especially for the winters? From crafting to sensory play, from Zumba to Piano lessons, And from sensory play to puppet shows and a lot more. And an extensive meal plan for the kids and a nap room.

Check it out on:

Contact for further details: 0307 4770066

 Lahore winter activities

•The Storytellers Club

Registrations for The Storytellers Club ‘Winter Story Camp 2018’ are now open! Join for two weeks of absolute fun & merrymaking! This winter break, they bring to you award-winning stories for interactive story-time, creative arts & crafts, vocab building, culinary adventures and other stellar activities! Days: Every Wed & Sat. Time: 2 to 3 30 PM.

Recommended  Age Bracket: 4 to 8 years old. Inbox or text/call at 0301 4721 641 to book a spot!

This is NOT a drop-off program. Mothers are required to accompany their children throughout the session.

 winter activities

•The Reading Nook

The Reading Nook for weekend book clubs and readings. New clubs start January. You can register earlier for online services and at-home activities that you and your child can enjoy in the holidays.

 winter activities

•Karate classes

And for some energetic and physical fun try out these karate classes every Saturday and Sunday from 4pm-5pm. Check the details out on

 karate for kids

•Lil Chefs Cooking Class

Cooking classes are great ways to hone skills, learn new recipes, and meet likeminded friends. Spending time in the kitchen with people who love to cook as much as you do is fun and educational and kids love it and will definitely be helping the parents in the kitchen too.

cooking classes

 •Sports Complex

You could also check out a sports complex in your locality they’re bound to have some activities going with trained coaches also. The old fashioned fun of playing around in the park and some monkey bars! 😉

Hope this helps you guys with getting your little ones busy and productive and away from screen time! ? Enjoy the winter break and happy holidays!

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