Amna Batool sits down with the founder and owner of the mothering blog that has taken the country by storm. One of the features that attract everyone at first is the name of the blog – Scaryammi. Mothers find themselves curious, surprised but eventually impressed by all this blog has to offer them. In this exclusive with The Million Shades Of Life, Ayesha Nasir reveals all she hopes to accomplish with this venture.

1) Why did you call your blog Scaryammi? Are you trying to scare the kids?


 A1) Lol! No, the blog and mothering support group is called Scaryammi because I based it on my own experience as a mom. I define myself as a scaryammi because I feel I am a tiger mom, through and through. I drive myself hard and push my kids even harder. I want my children to learn the value of hard work and commitment at an early age and hence I push them to excel. Being a type A ambitious mom makes me a Scaryammi and this platform is about uniting all mothers with dreams and ambitions for their children.



2) What do you hope to achieve through this platform?


A2) I am eager to provide a helpful, informative and supportive platform for all mothers across Pakistan and abroad. I have always believed that when mommies help out other mommies, magic can result. I hope to provide mothers with a much-needed platform which provides answers to questions such as where can we find an urdu tutor to support for mommies suffering from post partum depression.

3) How do you think Scaryammi is making a difference?

A3) I think only in the span of 3 months Scaryammi has already made a difference. Every month we do a theme and we always pick up topics that no one else is discussing for our themes. So last month we discussed Post Partum Depression and so many, many women came forth and spoke on the page about battling depression after having a child. It was really awe-inspiring.



 4) What is the theme for this month?

A4) We are discussing body shaming this month and talking about the criticism women get for being overweight or too thin or in between. A number of women have come forth with their remarkable stories of how taunts and comments has shaped the way they see themselves.



5) You have these super cute mugs which have a funny Scaryammi statements on them; what is that?

A5) The mugs state: “Don’t make me use my scaryammi voice.” I love these.



6) Tell us about the uber-popular events you are always conducting.

A6) We do a lot of learning and networking events which are aimed at helping build a community both online and offline. Our nutrition events have developed a loyal following and every month we have a heated discussion about weight and fitness. Our playdate is super popular and sells out within hours and the same is the case with our professional mommies networking lunch.



 7)  Where do you see Scaryammi going?

A7) I see it going far, far, far away. Into a not-so-scary future.



8) What project are you most excited about in the near future?

A8) I am super psyched about the conference of inspiration which will be taking place on 9th February and has an amazing line-up of speakers such as Anjum Ahmed, Qasim Ali Khan,and many others. Natty is hosting the event. Sophiya is hosting the orange carpet and we are eager to be part of an event where we will be able to inspire women. The tagline of the event is: to inspire women is to inspire an entire generation.



9)What according to you does one need to be successful? Money, fame, luck, supporting husband, or the right attitude?

A9) I really and truly don’t believe in luck. I have always believed that every person makes his or her own luck. History is filled with examples of these who took charge of their own destiny and reshaped the course of history. Look at Barack Obama: he was hardly born into what one would call a lucky family and look at how far he rose. Micheel Phelps was unlucky enough to have been born with a learning disability but he rose to stardom far beyond what anyone could have imagined. Luck is immaterial when you have passion, ambition and a fierce determination to succeed. And if you are certain to accept no defeat and to leave no stones unturned, the world will truly be your oyster.



10) How do you juggle between doing this work, being a doctor and being a mom to 4 kids?

A10)  I think the key to juggling anything be it work and home, kids and work, professional and personal commitments is being uber organized. I make multiple and detailed lists and stick to them. I believe your Monday will never be productive if you haven’t spent enough time preparing for it on a Sunday and your Tuesday will not be a productive one if you haven’t worked on Monday getting ready for it. I can’t sleep till my next day is lined up. I also make a priority list and grocery list and work through these as my day passes.


11) What about social life, friends, the trials and tribulations about living in Lahore?

A11) I am a bad friend! I know it sounds weird to refer to myself like that but I am. I am not the best friend one can have because I will hardly ever be the first to wish you or the first to pick up your call or the first to drop in just casually. I can almost never do just casually. Even with the best heart ever, I find it hard to manage social commitments with work and more. I think what suffers the most when you have a lot going on is yourself, your friendships and yes, your spouse.

12) And such an interesting choice of name, how did you think of that? Also there’s a huge page called Scary Mommy, maybe inspired or impressed by that?

A12) Scaryammi was inspired by the philosophy of being a tiger mom. Out of the 4 largely believed mothering styles, I definitely subscribe to the idea of being a tiger mom. It’s not something to be proud of but it has become my mothering style partly out of a personality type and also because with four small kids, a timetable is the way to retain sanity. Scarymommy is very different from our group. The former is an information treasure trove while Scaryammi is one woman’s approach to parenting.

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