Yesterday, Pepsico organized a very inspirational event called “With Purpose”. Four people from different walks of life spoke about their journey that had a purpose – empowering others. We meet successful people all the time, but there are very few who choose to utilize their success in such a way that it plays a role in bringing a positive imprint on society.

Kanwal Ahmed

The founder of Soul Sister needs no introduction. Her facebook group has over 100,000 women from across the world. Kanwal spoke about her journey. Her contributions were noticed by Facebook when they chose her to be part of Facebook Community Leadership program.

Umair Jaliwala

Umair’s speech was the most interesting one. He actually made us rethink about our life goals. He insisted the audience to focus more on the journey than the destination, which is very true. Umair is a consultant on Leadership, Enterprise and Technology – yes he does that all. He informed the audience, that he was always a rebel and going with the flow is never the right thing to do. We must choose our path and not be scared of societal norms.

Amneh Shaikh

Amna works with thousands of artisans from the most rural and remote areas of Pakistan. She works for them to increase their livelihood. How many of us would do that? May be 2%? Yes, the rest of us are on a journey that just focuses on us unlike Amna whose path has a purpose- a purpose to help others.

Benje Williams

A graduate from the prestigious Stanford University,  Benje works hard to shape the lives of Pakistani youth. A graduate from Stanford could have easily settled abroad and gotten a job with 6 digit salary. But he chose to come back to his homeland and create a difference


JBnJaws never fails to impress us with their events. And this event was no exception.  It was an interesting balance of inspirational stories from the speakers and music. The famous duo “Leo Twins” and singer “ Parizae Azhar”, kept the audience in a fun mood. The evening was concluded with Fawad Khan giving away tokens of appreciation to the speakers. The combination of Inspirational stories, nice music and immersive décor made the event a huge success.

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