So most of the Lahori moms are all set for this fantastic fun filled event happening on the 16th of March but increase you still haven’t heard about it from your friends or instagram or facebook well here’s all what you need to know so that you don’t miss out on this insanely groovy dance marathon happening in less than 5 days from now.

On 16th of March at 10:30 am, the banquet hall at Nishat Hotel in Gulberg will be lit up as more than 120 women dance, groove and glow together as they take part in the Danceathon – the very first dance marathon where participants will be expected to dance for 2 hours. It’s not just a regular dance session! It’s a glow and go session where women will be decked out in glow paint and will be shining and glowing as they move and groove.

“This event is the largest ever female-led fitness event to take place in Lahore or probably the country,” said Mahlaqa Shaukat, CEO of AimFit. AimFit which launched it’s first location 4 years ago today has 4 operational branches including one in Rawalpindi. “Danceathon is the culmination and coming together of our vision of female empowerment through female fitness. Fit women are much more likely to be happy and productive with their lives.”

The idea for the danceathon emerged when Ayesha Nasir, The Original Scaryammi, and founder of mothering blog Scaryammi met up with Mahlaqa Shaukat at the Conference of Inspiration which took place in February. “We instantly connected and I am a huge believer in collaborations,” said Ayesha Nasir, blogger and journalist. “I wanted to join hands with AimFit and launch an exciting, adrenalin-charged fitness event where Scaryammis can let down their hair and really have a girl’s night out while becoming more fit in the process.”


The DanceFit program at AimFit is one of the oldest running programs at the gym and also the most popular. The program is based on women learning the steps to various tracks and then repeating them in every class to burn up to 900 calories in under and hour. It’s an intense cardio workout but to Bollywood & hip hop tracks, which makes it even more fun. Original and innovative workouts are planned to the tracks making the entire experience adrenaline charged and just too exciting.


“I am so excited about this event,” said Zahra Ahmad, the Program Lead for DanceFit at AimFit. “It’s like the dream event for all those interested in women fitness, interested in women empowerment and interested in having fun as a community on Saturday morning.”

The danceathon is being preceded by a pre-event warm up session on Monday 11th March at AIMFIT, Phase 5. The event decor for the Danceathon is a collection of neons, disco lights, revolving balls and much more. Each participant for the Danceathon is receiving a special danceatho t shirt along with a glow stick, glow paint and of course the invite. Each participant at the event will leave with a good bag stuffed with goodies.

“This event in many ways is a culmination of everything AimFit stands for,” said Noor Shaukat, Co-Founder of AimFit. “Fitness, women, community building. I am super excited about being on the stage and getting more than one hundred women grooving and glowing together.”


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