Cigarette smoking is the most injurious habit one can have. In the shape of Cancer, it literally damages all parts of a human body. We also know that it is an extremely addictive habbit. People who want to quit it, adopt various methods to get rid of it. Various electronic cigarettes have been invented over the past so many years, but smokers switch back to actual cigarettes, complaining electronic cigarettes are “good for nothing” and don’t give that “buzz”.

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But well, where medical science is making so many advancements, how could it not do something about smokers! So they invented IQOS. This device is a type of “heat-not-burn” tobacco product. Unlike regular cigarette it does not burn the tobacco and releases much lower levels of the harmful chemicals typically found in regular cigarette. Okay, I am sure you’re still confused, I will clear it. IQOS is designed to heat tobacco but not burn it, most of the harmful chemicals in tobacco are released when tobacco is burned hence exposing one to much lesser harm. The taste of an IQOS fag is 90% close to a regular cigarette. Unlike many smoking devices invented before, this one has a real cigarette inside it. But mind you, you can’t just use any brand of cigarette to put inside the device. Since, it is a product by Philip Morris International under Marlboro, so only specially designed Marlboro cigarettes are used for it. Apart from having very less harmful effects, this device also reduces the urge of smoking a regular cigarette. Another interesting aspect of IQOS is the fact that it does not have any smoke. So if you are one of those secret smokers, then smoke it without any fear!

IQOS is not easily available. It is available in Japan, Korea, Italy, UK and very few other countries. Yes, it is not even available in USA or Dubai. It costs 100 pounds. Also, when you order this, you have to order an entire carton. You can’t just order the device and a pack of cigarettes. You have to purchase the entire carton of Marlboro fags specially manufactured for IQOS. I personally think, it’s not a bad thing. After all, it’s not easy getting a product delivered time and again. One can stock the smokes in one go.

So, if you are a smoker and looking to quit this extremly unhealthy habit , then swtich to IQOS today!


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