Store Review: Home Studio -DHA Lahore

Store Review: Home Studio -DHA Lahore

Home Studio as the name suggests is a store that offers complete home solution. Whether you are moving into a new house or remodeling the current pad or even looking for a nice gift, this store offers everything.  The store is located in Phase 4, DHA, Lahore

On the Ground floor you will find Architectural Hardware, Door Lock, Furniture Fandles and Fittings imported from European brands like Giusiti and Pasini


Their first floor offers Kitchen Pullouts, Wardrobe Fittings and Safes. They are imported from various European brands including the very famous Hettich (German brand).

On Second floor, you will find Bathroom Accessories, Laundry, Door Mats and Garden furniture. Spanish brand Sonya and Tatay are few of the many brands that comprise their collection as far as Bathroom and Garden furniture is concerned


Their third floor has Kitchen Acceossires, Crockery, Cooking Accessories, Household and Shoe Racks, again imported from Omada ( Italian )


Mr. Ali Kushtiwala who owns this store states “The basic concept of our store is to provide value for money. We have customers coming to us from stores such as Miniso. On one such instance, a customer came to us looking for coat hooks. They had previously bought one from Miniso. It cost them around RS.1000. And they asked us why is our coat hook worth RS, 3000. Our answer was simple, our products are imported from various European brands and offer premium quality. While you can hang weight up to 30kg on our hooks, the ones you will find at stores like Miniso would not be able to carry weight more than 5 kg, because they are manufactured in China and the quality is compromised. Same goes for all our products. Having said that, our prices are not sky-high. Our decoration pieces cost as low as Rs.1000, which is nothing considering the fact they are imported and have high quality”.

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