A Rendezvous with Ammara Hikmat

A Rendezvous with Ammara Hikmat

This gorgeous girl from Peshawer is from a very well grounded family consisting of doctors and surgeons. She was also heading in the same direction being a gold medalist and a bookworm since childhood but eventually changed her mind along the way and got into Public Relations. This is where she brought down the house! She was the pioneer of PR management in Pakistan, currently CEO of Encylomedia PR company, at the time when nobody knew better of how to market a certain product and the whole concept of product marketing was confined to creating a boring ad about a film or putting up posters outside the cinema a few days prior to the release. And nobody realized the importance of traditional media, social media or speaking engagements, or how to communicate with our audiences through these sources. I believe she led to the changing of the entire milieu of the field and people started paying attention to the image being created around a certain product or a movie or a celebrity. She has done abundant product campaigns and PR of a whole bunch of famouse celebrities and movies. She is currently working on Maula Jutt 2 which is starring Fawad Khan, Mahira khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Humaima Mallick and Goher Rasheed to name a few. It’s the highest budgeted Pakistani film to date climbing to a 60 crore peak. (And a little birdy told us it’s PG 18+ uhmm maybe…sorry kids!)

Here’s a little chit chat we had with her over some peri bites and orange juice:

Q) Tell me about a challenge you had to overcome and how you overcame it?

A) “Don’t rely on people to make choices for you”.  However I usually take advice from friends and family and figure it out.

Q) If you could give your younger self an advice what would it be?

A) “To learn to say no”

Q) Do you have any strange phobias?

A) Dogs! I’m scared out of my shorts when I see one.

Q) What is your greatest strength and biggest weakness?

A) My strength is my family and my weakness is imli! (yea you heard it she loves imli ! we’re planning to have gol gappas with her soon !)

Q) What is success to you?

A) To be able to sleep peacefully at night. (She is definitely one of the most grounded and modest minds we’ve come across).

Q) Pakistani film industry in the next 10 years will be like?

A) It will definitely have an identity and an impact. I’m very happy films are being taken seriously and positively now.

Q) What are you most insecure about?

A) She didn’t want to sound too complacent but smiled as a matter of factly and stated  “Nothing I’m very content. (and I gotta say mashallah!)

Q) What makes you feel empowered?

A) “Being able to earn for myself.” (Well I think this goes for every working woman out there).

Q) Do you live to work or work to live?

A) Both.

Q) 3 things you would change about the industry?

A) As humble and sweet as she is she said “I can’t comment on this as yet as I am nobody to change anything about anybody or anything”

Q) How do you recharge?

A) Comfy sofa- Netflix- 10 hours (in this exact order.)

Q) What is the thing you want to achieve most before you die?

A) 8, 9 kids. (Woahh somebody call ‘cheaper by the dozen!’ we have a new star cast). 😉

Q) What is more important: what you say or how you say it?

A) If it’s me then what I say if it’s somebody else then how they say it! (This girl speaks my mind).

Some quickies:

Q) Something that offends you?

A) Disrespect.

Q) PTI or N league?

A) PTI (We’re dancing).

Q) Wish you could swap lives with?

A) Nobody.

Q) Your biggest fear?

A) Losing loved ones.

Q) What was the best phase in your life?

A) Rightnow !!

Q) What is the one thing that people misunderstand about you?

A) People think I’m avoiding them but I’m just lazy at answering calls I love you all! :* :*

Q) 3 places you want to visit?

A) She actually had a list saved (which was too cute) but she couldn’t find it so she just told us what she was thinking of travelling to soon:

  • Canada or Iceland (to see the Northern Lights)
  • Kerala
  • Brazil (Ola!)

Q) You’re currently addicted to?

A) Insta and some chooran (this girl loves her some zesty zing.)

Q) Fav perfume:

A) Stella by Stella McCartney (her staple since 10 years!)

Q) 3 things always found in your bag?

  • Phone
  • Vaseline lipbalm
  • Benetint cheek and lip stain.

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