Welcome and Thanks for stopping by! As the name suggests, we have come up with a blog that touches all aspects of our lives. Our life is a beautiful amalgamation of struggles and rewards. Each individual has a different set of goals, dreams, aspirations, and worries which are directly or indirectly linked with what they do or face in life. And, we talk about all of these elements. We focus on real content, highlighting issues that need attention and be the voice not just for the elite but for everyone. But that does not stop us from offering you fun stuff. You will witness the most interesting content covering celebrities, gossip and so on!

We are new, but we plan to become big. There shall not be a set pattern on the blog. Every once in awhile, we will come up with something new and different. As the famous quote by Will Rogers goes “Even if you’re on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there “Poke around a bit, and stay for a while! We hope you find this blog informative and entertaining and come back to visit often.

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