Handmade carpets are opulent and luxurious. Just a sinle piece of hand made carpets can change the entire look of your room. We recently had a chat with the owner of Miaco carpets, a brand that is synonmous with art and luxury. We found out some amazingly interesting facts about handmade carpets. Have a look at the interview, we are sure after reading it you would rush to their store!

How many days does it take to make a regular size of handmade carpet?

Making a handmade carpet is just the same as creating a piece of art only this is requires even more skill. A rug could take anything between a month to a year and a half to make depending on the quality, knot count and size.

Why is the business of handmade carpet on decline?

Handmade carpets have always been considered a luxury and since they do cost more than the usual run of the mill machine made rugs, their demand has decreased over the years due to the economic crunch worldwide. Yet we have managed to produce certain qualities which are affordable and in easy reach of people from all sorts of income brackets. Hence, we have seen a positive progress in exports and local sales recently.


Your carpet business is your family business , how have you made sure that your techniques and designs are abreast with the latest trends?

We are one of the pioneers of the carpet industry in Pakistan. We make sure that our executives and the design team attends and participates in worldwide interior and carpet fairs and exhibitions so that they can stay up to date with the current trends and also upcoming ones. Secondly, we work with a lot of interior designing firms and individuals internationally so they provide us with much needed guidance in this sphere.

How many sizes of handmade carpets do you produce?

Sizes varies  from 1ft x 1ft upto 25feet x 50feet . We are the producers of one of the largest sizes in the world in handmade carpets. We have produced 11 of these majestic pieces all measuring a staggering 1000 sq. Ft each. They adorn the expansive halls at some of the most prestigious buildings across the world including 1. Cambridge University, 2. David Beckham’s Academy, 3. Kempinski Palace Porto Roz. 4. President of Slovenia’s Palace and Convention Hall, 5. Shahrukh Khan’s London Residence, 6. The Mayor’s Hall Shanghai and many more. We also have the exclusive rights to the Mughal e Azam series of Paintings by world renowned artist M.F. Hussain and are in the process of converting them into eternal pieces of hand knotted art.

What is the average price of a carpet?

Prices start from Rs. 7,000 and go up to Rs. 5 Million. Depending on the quality and size. The most expensive handmade rug that we have ever sold to date was a majestic 24feet x 44feet Mamluk custom made by us for a client in Europe for their Mansion and was tagged at €105,000/- ( Rs. 12 Million at that time)

Who is your target market?

Our target is anyone and everyone from youngsters entering their teenagers wanting to do up their rooms, to young couples, to those with kids and elderly as well. We have got a rug for everyone. Our collection ranges from Kids Room rugs to lounges, bedrooms, drawing rooms. Basically any and every space in the house.

From which city do you get the most clients from?

We have clients from all over the world, especially Europe and USA. We work with a couple of chain stores in Europe and the US, including Ludwig and Stickley Audi.  In Pakistan we get orders coming in from all over but most of our clients are from 1. LAHORE, 2. KARACHI, 3. ISLAMABAD in that order.

Do you make tailored made carpets too, depending on client’s preference of color etc?

We are the pioneers, the market leader and probably one of the very few companies who produce customized or tailor made handmade rugs. You choose the design, the colors and the size and we will make it for you. We believe in weaving your dreams in reality and giving our clients a master piece which would be unmatched by others and they will create many memories around it as a Handmade Carpet lasts more than a generation.

From where can our readers purchase your carpets?

Our store Miaco Carpets – Designer Rug Studio is located on  2nd Floor, Gulberg Galleria Mall, Lahore. You can check our collection on Instagram (@miacocarpets) and Fb (Miaco Carpets). And for the ease of our customers, we take online order also and deliver nationwide.

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