Are you a bride who is having pre wedding jitters? If you going to get married and are going through Pre-wedding “jitters”, then consider yourself as a NORMAL bride. Our blog focuses on two aspects, a) signs that you are having pre-wedding jitters and b) how to deal with them and enjoy the most of your pre-wedding time and festivities

Symptoms of pre-wedding jitters

Loss of appetite

When you don’t feel like eating ANYTHING! I faced this one. I remember I could not eat a thing about two months before my wedding. I survived on MILK! But that is wrong! If your wedding is round the corner then there are chances that you would often have “butterflies” in your stomach. Don’t starve, even if you have lost appetite. You need to keep up with good strength and energy. Even nibbling on crackers with protein, such as peanut butter, is a tremendous help.

Having trouble sleeping

Anxiety and nervousness bring racing thoughts, which tend to be exaggerated when your environment is quiet, such as when you try to go to sleep. You can even find a number of apps to download for sleep. Go for the one that focuses on relaxation or mediation instead of soothing music. Also try some deep breathing when in bed, it helps

Having difficulty concentrating

If you are losing concentration then it clearly means you need to compartmentalize the tasks you have to perform. Start doing one task at a time. if you have to visit your designers and jewelers, don’t do all of that in one day.

Becoming clumsy

Having difficulty concentrating can lead to clumsiness. Try to focus on what you’re doing in the moment, walk yourself through what you’re trying to do, and toss out any distracting thoughts.

Being irritable or short-tempered

Recognize this is a result of anxiety, and take one or two deep breaths before reacting and/or speaking. Try to speak slowly; this will help calm your body.

Feeling “on edge”

Try some deep breathing (yoga breathing), meditation, or yoga. Move your body: Go for a walk, hike, and take an exercise class.

Preoccupation with details about the wedding itself

Make a checklist that you go over with either your fiancé or someone who can help. Ideally, you can turn this over to a trusted friend or relative so that it is off your plate. If you’re worried about things going wrong during the affair, delegate responsibilities to trusted others. For example:

•If you’re worried about a specific person misbehaving, put someone “in charge” of monitoring that person.

•Are you worried the day won’t go as planned? Will people have fun? Will everyone behave? Will the two families get along? Will you be OK being in the spotlight? Will the band show up? If these are your concerns, make up a checklist to go over a week or two before the wedding, so that you make sure you have checked off all the things you can control. Once that is done, the only job you have is to enjoy your wedding!

How to calm the pre-wedding jitters:

If something is bothering you about your fiancé, talk it out!

If you want to clear your mind about something in particular such as “will your fiancé let you work after marriage” and this thought is bothering you. Then talk to him! It is very important for both the man and woman to be on the same page regarding such issues

Take a break from monitoring dance practices

You are 24/7 monitoring the dance practices taking place at your house. Your friends suddenly become your servants because they have to listen to everything you say. Trust me a lot of brides fight A LOT with their friends during pre-wedding phase. Take a break from the dance practices and go out for dinner with your pals. Order food and talk about everything but the wedding.

Take suggestions from friends who recently got married

Talk to friends who recently got hitched and they might help you in calming down your jitters.

Know everything about “the first night”

The Sex talk! It’s very important! As opposed to west, in Pakistan no much how progressive a girl is they still need to talk about “the first night”. The dos and don’ts. It’s very vital!

Organize stuff

Organize everything. Keep a diary! I did that. I wrote all the chores. From fitting visits to designer to a thing as small as which song should be played while you make the entrance. Write it all!

Its, OKAY to Meet a therapist

If your anxiety still does not settles down, visit a shrink. Talk out! They will do your therapy and make you feel good about yourself rather than worrying about things that are too petty.

To conclude it all, some of the best and most memorable weddings are ones that didn’t go exactly as planned. It isn’t a sign that the marriage will fail; it’s just life. Laugh about it, brush it off and enjoy your day!


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