Q. How and when did you start your business? Elaborate on how your journey began.

A.I started 5 years back. Never thought I will ever do event styling. It all started when I started hosting my daughter’s birthdays, everyone saw the work appreciated and encouraged me to work.

Q. So, you started off with birthdays, how did you end up organizing the biggest weddings in Pakistan?

A. I was always very consistent. Whatever project I took be it small or big I made sure every detail was taken care of. I think that helped, and clients started to trust me with weddings.

Q. What changes have you observed in the event management industry in Pakistan, from the time you began till date?

A. It’s grown a lot since I started. Many new talents have joined the industry. The weddings have become tremendously elaborate.

Q. These days, every second person has ventured into event management, what is your take on this?

A. I am glad it’s growing. There is work for everyone but it’s not easy to sustain in such a competitive market.

Q. As you said, it’s not easy to sustain in this business for long. Having said that, what qualities a person should have if they really want to become an event planner.

A. One should really enjoy this job to be able to be consistently good.

Q. In your line of work, one deals with all sorts of clients. Tell us your worst and best experience with a client.

A. Planning weddings is an emotional Journey for the client and we come so close to their feelings while planning the wedding, it feels like a family bond. It’s a strong bond we build with them. One of my client gifted me diamond earrings after his daughter’s wedding and I was so deeply touched.

Q. If you had to choose one, what would you choose, planning a wedding or a birthday?  Do support your answer with a reason.

A. I think a wedding. It’s more rewarding.

Q. If you were to change anything from your early days of business what would that be? A certain mistake you did or something like that.

A. I would balance my time better. Would give more time to my kids.

Q. If you were to define your company in three simple words, what would they be?


A. Committed, passionate, creative

Q. Which three Pakistani event planners are your favorite and why?

A. I love amina raka , Sara chapara and Shazreh Khalid’s work . They are all very original.

Q. Three wedding décor trends that you despised the most in the last 4 years?

A. Some planners really over do the décor. It looks very bizarre.

Q. You have done a couple of corporate events, how has that experience been, considering corporate clients can be very demanding.

A. Corporate work is very organized. I like to do corporate events it’s more systematic.

Q. Do you aim into getting big in the corporate world also?

A. Yes, for sure.

Q. Have you ever refused a client from doing their event? If yes, then why?

A. Yes many times.  I refuse if my taste is in too much clash with theirs.

Q. Where do you see whimsical in next 5 years?

A. I see whimsical doing destination weddings and international events.

Q. How do you bring innovation in your company? It is a known fact, many leading event planners are doing the same repetitive work from years. How your company is different from others as far as staying updated is concerned?

A. We constantly try to bring in new ideas and innovation. The struggle is never ending.

Q. Is whimsical an affordable brand? For example, if someone comes to you with a very small budget, would you do their wedding and compromise on the values your company is known for?

A. I Would never compromise on my quality. But would design nicely in a cost effective manner.


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