We live in a world of duality where light and darkness are two sides of the same coin. Black magic is the negative use of energies and its power by foul minded beings. As its name implies, black magic is used for much darker reasons, for the purpose of causing harm.

How an ordinary person becomes an aamil:

Black magicians are commonly referred to as “aamils” in Pakistan. They will follow an intricate system of sorcery for several weeks or even months in dark, mysterious filthy places. During these periods, they invoke the spirits from the underworld; they perform rituals and sometimes even do animal or human sacrifices to bind their spells with the underground world. Popular belief in black magic says that many sacrifices are made and a specialist must go through the process of ‘Chilla’ where he stays aloof from the world for 40 days, with rumors of (nauzubillah) reading the Holy Quran backwards.  After using these techniques, they are in touch with those evil spirits; they are able to command these spirits as they wish. It is said that they need to practice this magic on someone to keep them active; else they will lose their grip on this magic.

Common methods of performing black magic: 

•(Nauzubillah) Reading the Quran backwards and desecrating it.

•Confining an owl in a cage for 14 days in a dark place. In this period, the owl cannot sleep. He is monitored 24/7 to ensure he doesn’t fall asleep. His master recites some weird chants in this entire time.  After 14 days, the evil entity enters the owl’s body and he starts speaking like a human being and informs his master, how which part of his body, bone or organ can do what sort of harm. After that, his master has to cut his throat there and then. If he doesn’t do it, he would himself die because of the evil spirit inside the owl.

•Staying days and nights, alone in sordid ghastly places and environments.

•Mixing menstrual blood or urine into the person’s food and sometimes spitting into the food.

•Using fingernail clippings and blood and hair to cast spells on them or to put them inside pieces of animal skin with verses written inside in reverse and then fold the skin and stick porcupine spikes through it.

•Taking newly born chicks of birds and squash them with their feet. This barbaric act of cruelty and utter disregard to living creatures gives them more power to stir demonic sins. They need sinister foul energy to feed on so they perform more sinful deeds.

Who exactly comes to these “aaamils” in Pakistan? 

In order to get correct information, our biggest challenge was to meet an actual aamil. But surprisingly it was not difficult for us to get in touch with them. We asked our house help, they said their villages have so many of them. Someone also told us to get any Urdu magazine and we could easily find numbers of these aamil. And that’s exactly what we did, we bought a relatively less famous Urdu magazine and two entire pages were full of ads of these aamils. The way the ads were written, it was so convincing that trust us anyone could fall for them. So we took number of one of the aamils (whose place was the most nearest and also agreed to provide us information). We took our guard with us and visited him. We gave him full assurance that his whereabouts etc would not be revealed. We paid him a hefty amount and then there was no stopping him. He told us everything about this dirty business

“Mostly women come to us, women from upper and lower class. The women from the upper class, come at the wee hours of the night in their land cruisers with hidden faces. They pay us amounts in lacs to get their tasks done. Then we also have women from lower class coming to us. I only take money from them and arrange the ingredients myself since laymen cannot obtain them.”

Facts and information given by this Aamil

•Masan and a flying pot are the most difficult spells to cast. Spells like Mirgi (epilepsy) fits, Seher Al Mahfloj (paralysis) and SeharKabos (feels sleepy all the time) are easy to perform.Masan is the spell that is performed on kids. It is created from the ashes (left from a burnt Hindu dead body) and is mixed in the blood from an owl. Masan is not easily available in Pakistan so it is smuggled from India.After eating Masan, kids’ health starts to deteriorate and eventually they die.

•Flying pot which is ordinarily known as a “matki” is used for very strong spells. After the breaking of the flying pot, blood is sprinkled around from within the pot with pieces of flesh, unbearable stench spreads around the house of the targeted person and he either catches a disease or miseries besiege him.


The concept of “family aamil”

Now, the next thing we are going to tell you will give you a lump in your throat. One of our maids told us about her “family aamil”. According to our maid, every time they want to take revenge from someone they go to this aamil. So just like we have “family doctors”, the poor have “family aamil”. Meeting him was easy thanks to our maid.

According to this aamil:

•These magicians had no religion. They experienced a lot of dirty things including taking bath in cow’s urine and even to drink it to get more magic powers.

•A man practicing such acts did not belong to religion as he claimed that magic in itself was a complete religion.

This aamil also added that he was an expert of voodoo dolls. He said after voodoo dolls are made, pins were stuck into it and the victim felt the pain in those parts. He said it was neither a mythology nor folk stories as he ‘could get desired results without any difficulty.’ “Sometimes we, the magicians, have to pay the price too. The demons demand bigger sacrifices, they hurt us or our family members,” he said.

Signs telling you are a victim of black magic: 

If you are experiencing any of the following without any medical condition then you may need the services of a spiritual healer for a cure for black magic:


•Eyes turning gray

•Feeling negative energy weighing down on them

•Very bad breath


•Unexplained infertility

•One or more episodes of miscarriage

•Inability to menstruate in women or menstruating more than normal

•Indulging in excess alcohol, drugs, violence and unprotected/unhealthy sex

•Paranoia (like thinking someone is watching them or out to get them)

Black magic spells and curses can be tailored specifically to an area in a person’s life. Here are a few examples of how black magic can affect your life:

•Ruin a marriage or other relationships

•To give up everything he/she owns such as a home or business for no reason at all

•To become a victim of frequent accidents

•To have paranoia

•To destroy his/her or someone else’s career

•To control someone’s mind for sex

•To affect his/her health

•To go crazy or have psychological problems

Supernatural symptoms of black magic 

The victim of a black magic curse might experience supernatural symptoms as well. The following may indicate an undesired supernatural presence in your life.

•Hearing strange whispering voices

•Feeling someone next to them while they sleep

•Hearing someone calling their name

•Experiencing paranormal activities

•Experiencing a feeling of being raped or sexually abused while dreaming or while awake

•Seeing shadows around them

•Hearing knocking on their door when no one is actually there.

How most of these aamils are total fraud:

When would a Muslim person go to an aamil to attain his goal or dream? When they are really desperate! They are so desperate that their belief in God, diminishes away. They can and will go to any extent to get this wish fulfilled. And it is in these times of desperation that the hoax aamil full take advantage of people. Many a times, people call these aamils and tell their problems. These aamils are extremely persuasive and convincing and influence the callers to send them money through “easy pasia”, after which they will recite something on phone and the customers wish will get full filed. As they say desperate moments call for desperate measures, so the customers send the money. As soon as the money is delivered, these fake aamils either don’t pick the calls or turn of their numbers. They have multiple numbers.

How the spirit of an aamil gives him pain just before dying:

Another very horrifying fact about these aamils is how they die. Death is inevitable but in their case the pain and agony even at the last stages of their life doesn’t end until they have passed their knowledge onto someone and the same will happen to them with this unending vicious cycle. Now the process of passing down the knowledge might take a long time, sometimes even days and throughout this time he is in immense pain and torture. When a person dies, he goes through great pain. Now imagine the pain an aamil goes through!


How to protect yourself from black magic:

There is kalajadu and then there is Nuuri ilm. If you think you are a victim of kaala jadu, promptly go to a genuine scholar who performs Nuuri ilm. These are the educated scholars who know their job. Over here, I would also like to add a common belief that the authentic scholars who perform Nuuri ilm never tell the name of person who has cast evil magic on you. And in most of the cases they don’t even charge any remuneration. They are close to Allah and are actually there to help people in the name of Allah.

May Allah keep us safe from the eyes and thoughts of evil doers.

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