So guys, we write blogs on everything and give coverage to anything that happens around us which is not right, morally, professionally or ethically.  We like to voice those issues. And one some issue is as follows.

Lets hear the inequitable anecdote from the victim

My cousin has an animation and videography studio, by the name of Minutiae. They were hired last year in September 2018 by a well-known fashion designer in Lahore who goes by the name of Ali Xeeshan and SURPRISE SURPRISE, still has not paid them and its quite apparent from his attitude that he has no intention of clearing that payment either.

We have hired lawyers and a legal notice has been sent to him. The amount due is: Rs. 470,000/- which he can pay through the sale of his one formal jora. It is not that these people cannot afford to pay, this is the mentality of small egos and even smaller minds who can only show their non-existent influence and power by deducting due payments.

Details of what happened:

As per routine, brief was shared and a budget was locked for the said deliverables. An invoice was shared on whatsapp on which a go-ahead was given since they were booked 6 HOURS BEFORE THE SHOOT.  All the videos were shot, approved and handed over to Ali Xeeshan, as per the extremely tight timeline.

We sent them more than 40 videos with 2 full length ones as per instructions but they used the ones up on his Facebook and Instagram handle and links are provided at the end of this post.

It’s been 9 months – follow ups with multiple phone calls with no response for the most part, and when the call is taken a new excuse is made every time, whatsapp messages, personal visits to his studio and the payment for the work has not been cleared.

To make matters worse, while following up on payments, he asked for a further discount and of course complained that the quality of the videos was not per the expectations – even though he used them at his PFDC Show, and are all over his social media having thousands of views on each video.

We have records of the amount locked in, the discount they asked for, the discount that was given AFTER the delivery, the follow up phone calls, messages, his responses as well his teams’ responses.

We will take him to court because a job they were hired to do, at an agreed price was delivered at the agreed time. We have everything documented and even if he tries to delete anything, we have screen shots.

Just because he thinks he is a celebrity and a hot shot designer he thinks he can get away with not paying to young kids because nobody knows them or their work and he did a favour to them by hiring them in the first place?

He has another thing coming and we will make sure of it. People who know me know that I started Origami in 2010 with the sole purpose of giving the youth a platform. I have always believed in giving the youngsters an opportunity because I believe they are our future and they have to take us forward.

When a well-established entity engages a young company and then takes advantage of them, and decides to not pay their due amount, that pisses me off.





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