Famous Pakistani Designer Mohsin Naveed Design Clothes for Ranveer Singh

Famous Pakistani Designer Mohsin Naveed Design Clothes for Ranveer Singh

It becomes a matter of great achievement for Pakistani designers when their creations are worn by any member of the Bollywood fraternity. But it becomes a matter of great pride when our designers create a look for one of the biggest stars of Bollywood. Yes, you heard that right! Our famous designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha designed the attire for Ranveer Singh for the cover page of India’s most famous magazine- Filmfare!

  • We had a chat with Mohsin on his experience, the excerpts of which are below:
  • Mohsin was glad to learn that Ranveer completely loved his ideas! He appreciated Mohsin’s work. Mohsin pointed out that Ranveer was actually very excited to don more of his creations so much so that he is sure that he Ranveer will become his permanent.

  • Mohsin found Ranveer one-of-a-kind, to the core. According to him,  Ranveer does not have an extra baggage of being the most sought-after Bollywood super star. As a person, he was very easy going. We used to chat a lot, hence proving he is friendly and a great company to work with.
  • While chatting and shooting with Ranveer, Mohsin learnt that Ranveer is totally aware of the fact that our designers create some of the best dresses and our fashion industry is booming. Ranveer also mentioned how he admires Pakistani actors and singers. He was in awe of our creativity. It was a proud moment for Mohsin when he appreciated our fashion and entertainment industry.
  • Mohsin informed that the process of getting Ranveer wear his creation was a different process. He informed “We shared mood boards, storyboards and all the sketches with his team. We all know Ranveer has his own style statement which is very quirky and different, so I kept that in mind. And as his most famous characters are from his epic drama movies, so I knew I would design something royal. I believe, royal look, suits him the most”


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