Q .Are you a self taught make artist or have you taken some formal training?

A. I am mostly self taught thanks to the wonderful world of Youtube and Instagram tutorials. Ive done a professional course from IFAP Academy Lahore. And have taken up short courses from various makeup artists in both Lahore and Dubai


Q. How did your professional journey start?

A.I havve always been passionate about makeup since the age of 12 but I pursued this as a career when I moved to Pakistan after marriage which was around 5 years ago.


Q. Do you provide all beauty and hair services or your studio just offers makeup services?

A.I offer exclusive and customised hairstyling and makeup services as that is my area of expertise



Q. Do you work on appointment basis like many other MUAs do ?

A.At the moment I have a home based makeup studio and take limited amount of clients in a day (to provide exclusivity and individual attention to each of my clients)which is why its by appointment only.


Q. Do you cater to private clients only or have you done commercial work also?

A. I started out with doing features with different designers and brands but Ive very recently just limited my work to party makeups, bridal clients and offering makeup courses.


Q. Would you recommend people to buy local makeup brands in Pakistan?

A.There are some brands in Pakistan that are coming out with really good quality products and I highly recommend commend those. Some of my favourites are Luscious, Nabila and Zhoosh ,to name a few.


Q. where do you mostly purchase your makeup from, Sephora, or are there others also?

A.I mostly buy my makeup from Sephora Dubai as I visit the UAE very often


Q. Do you take make up classes also?

A .I offer both self grooming courses for those who want to learn the latest trends  for themselves and an advanced makeup    for those who wish to pursue this as a career as well.



Q. Any plans of expansion? ( more branches)

A. At the moment Im enjoying taking private clients but I do plan on expanding into different parts of Lahore in the coming years.


Q. The most easy and quick way of giving a natural look?

A.Cleansing the face first and Prepping the skin really well with a water based moisturizer and then just adding concealer under the eyes, a single shade of eyeshadow using a fluffy blending brush, some mascara, blush and a nude gloss.


Q. What sort of night regimen would you recommed our readers to follow?

A.I think every girls should spend atleast 15- 20 minutes on herself before going to sleep. Face should be well cleansed (I cleanse my face twice)and moisturized as our body repairs and heals over night so you should put on your best repairing serums and creams and leave them overnight. PS. Sleeping with makeup on makes your skin age ten times faster than it normally would.



Q. Three current make up trends that you like.

A, Highlighting and strobing


Q. Three worst make up trends that you hate the most

A.Overdrawn or over filled eyebrows and glitter lips.


Q. Three makeup trends that need to stop in Pakistan?

A.I think its high time we stop wearing a foundation thats 3 shades lighter than our natural shade and then to make things worse..add layers of foundations to our necks and hands to match it all up . Definitely need to stop that.


Q . Which three Pakistani celebrities are exceptionally beautiful?

A.Saira Shehroze, Mahira Khan and Mahnoor Baloch (ofcourse)


Q. Three go-to cosmetic products every girl should have?

A.mascara,blush and a nude gloss


Q . Who are your three most favorite international makeup artists?

A. Mario Dedivanovic,Michelly Palma and Hindash.


Q. Tell us the brand of the best mascara, eye liner and highlighter you use?

A.Sephora eyeliner,Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters. I dont mind using local brands for mascaras (as long as they arent waterproof ones) as I always finish my looks with false lashes in the end.

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