How long have you been practicing in Pakistan?

I have been in Pakistan for the last ten years now and have been practicing ever since then. I am a gold medalist from Pakistan and have topped in all the medical colleges in Punjab in 1988. I took my training from Cardiff college in the UK in dermatology and took training from the American Academy of aesthetic Medicine. Due to the quality, transparency and sheer hard work I have successfully opened three (3) branches in Lahore in the short time span of (8) eight years. (Woah, that is commendable!)

Dr. Zarqa tell us, usually people are scared of going under the knife but at the same time want some kind of change in their looks, what do you have to say about that?

See, that’s the THING. We don’t do surgical procedures, which simply means we don’t involve the introduction instruments into the body! We do minimal invasive procedures. There are people who don’t want any needles, so Botox, threads and fillers can be performed with least invasive procedures.  In these procedures a patient only needs perhaps just one needle. So, there is no cutting and no blood. And then we have other procedures where we don’t use even a single needle so there is no blood and no pain.  All the tightening and lifting is done by the machine.


Which age group should go for procedures? Because generally, we see elderly women getting their procedures but I just noticed at your clinic that you have a lot of young girls coming in!

You are right. Although our procedures are for all age groups, but with exposure to information and knowledge young girls have realized that the sooner they start working on their skin the better it is.  You will be shocked to know that aging starts at 25, and every year after 25 you are going down! With the kind of diet and lifestyle we have, I see ageing before 25. I have just seen two patients one was a 32-year-old lady who looked like she was 40 and I saw a 15-year-old kid who liked like 23, just imagine! The right kind of procedure and diet is the best combination to make you look beautiful and healthy. When we talk about diet then if you have intake of chicken and milk, then reduce the intake. These two have a lot of hormones that mess up your body, they give you weight gain, hair on your face and pimples! And of course, who can forget processed food, it has those chemicals that mess with our body, so avoid them as much as you can

Tell us how do Botox and Fillers do their magic?

Ok so first of all you need to know that Botox is a chemical used to relax our muscles. So for example where ever you have tightening of muscles for example in your forehead when you are frowning, you get the lines. That’s where Botox does its magic and removes them. Similarly, for the crow feet around your eyes where you have wrinkles around the sides and under the eyes, Botox is again the perfect solution. Botox is also good for open pores because it reduces your open pores. If you have a round face and want to it slim it down, Botox will sharpen your jaw, if you have lines on your neck, Botox will improve that too!! These are the most popular uses of Botox! Now let’s talk about Fillers. Fillers are very good for filling where you have depressions, for example the line between nose and lips becomes deep, it’s very good to fill them in with a little bit of filler. There are many types of fillers but we use gel which is the safest and more trusted one.


How important is for a person from the entertainment industry to go for cosmetic procedure?

Oh darling, Models, actors, singers they take these treatments all the time and want drastic results. I have models who come to me every month for liposuction!! The entertainment fraternity does not mind going under the knife.

And what about your normal patients?

Haha, this is interesting, some of them come to me more than the models! They have become addicted to cosmetic procedures I have clients coming to me every ten days. I literally explain it to them that as of now you do not need anything.

Wow, that is something I did not expect, anyway which age group goes for which procedure?

Girls whose age is between 20-35 want Nose job and lip fillers, they are extremely popular and of course everybody wants a skin rejuvenation procedure. Go for it, it gives a new life to your skin.  For women who are 35+ Lifting procedures/threads where you put in a thread and it lift up the skin is very popular and common.



Is this industry competitive?

Yes, Aesthetic dermatology is competitive, but many of these clinics are run by regular people who don’t even have a medical background or degree. All they have is an investor, who keeps investing in the clinic and fool the patients. Let me give you an example, someone I know works at one such clinic and she comes to us for her procedures! This situation is precarious! I mean you can now find 10 clinics in one place. Also, I would like to mention, beauty salon owners have also started running clinics!! Isn’t that too much? I mean why don’t you stick to your business and let us do our business? By the way, this practice is common across the globe, but in west they have good check and balance, but in Pakistan

Our readers would love to know what are the minimum to maximum charges?

Well, honestly it completely depends on your skin and what procedure you want to have but yes, we start from Rs 1500 to 1lac+

I think confidentiality is extremely imperative in this profession but I still hear stories of patients complaining about it. What is your take on this?

You are right confidentiality is very important, I mean who would want to tell their friends about a sudden glow on their face or removal of wrinkles done by a doctor? BUT, doctors here are not ethical at all. I have heard stories doctors showing pictures throw WhatsApp to other people. How sad!

Why people go to LA, if our local doctors are so good?

Let me clear you 90% of the people just brag. That’s how low and complexed our society is.


Hollywood has some very good and some very pathetic examples of cosmetic surgeries. Like the other day I was reading a news on Courteney Cox, I mean even after removing all those fillers she looks so bad!

Yes sometimes patients don’t get the result they want. Take Jennifer Aniston’s example, she gone under the knife but she still looks real! She has aged differently and gracefully. Just a piece of gossip Jennifer LOVES all these procedures but yes, she gets them done in the right way

Are men as much interested in this as women are?

Totally, I mean I am not even talking about men from the entertainment industries, I have lawyers, bankers all coming to me for various procedures!

All my young female readers would love to know do you have any skin whitening procedure?

Of course! The biggest example is of Michael Jackson. There is a huge range of procedures starting from lasers. If you want to get fairer then injections are extremely popular. But here I would like to request you all to NOT to go for creams, they are poison for your skin.

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