Madiha Ahmed holds a degree in BBIT, and had a successful career in banking and teaching. A busy and hands-on mother to an 8 and a 3 year old, she has not let the rigors of life keep her away from her dreams – to run a business that is aimed at assisting people in meeting their health and fitness goals, through programs that suit them individually

Q. What do you offer that the rest of the studios don’t?

A. This is actually a sweeping question. Without generalizing, we offer nutritional consultancy, group sessions, and personal coaching. Our recent program, aiming to bring children out of their “electronic” worlds, has been well-received by parents, who wish to get them into organized physical activity.

Q. Why a fitness studio, considering the competition?

A. Fitness Pro Studio is in no competition with anyone. What we have to offer isn’t a run-of-the-mill fitness program. We are offering personalized services. It’s not a gym where you come and exercise and leave. Here, every aspect of an individual’s health and fitness is checked and corrected by our trainer. It is taken care of that no one gets hurt during a workout. Any health issues are catered to by both our trainer and the nutritionist.

Q. Who do you cater to?

A. Initially, we were encouraging only females to join. But now we have both male and female members coming at their assigned slots. Recently, we have also started a special dance class for kids, aged 3-10yrs. Again, it’s for both girls and boys.

Q. Why did you choose Phase 6, DHA ?

A. It was mostly my decision to choose phase 6. There were a couple of reasons behind that. Most importantly, it’s rapidly growing. And to be honest there is less competition here, as I haven’t seen many gyms or exercise studios around. I simply thought that people at phase 6 would enjoy and appreciate such a facility more. Also, it is close to some of very popular schools like learning Alliance, Newlands, LSE etc. Another plus point which case to my mind was the future development of phase 7 and 8.

fitness pro, staying fit, Pakistan gyms, gym, working outQ. Why so many colors in the interior of the studio?

A. A place where you have to spend many hours in a day, and many days in a week, should be welcoming.  Colors make people happy. And these happy hormones help with the actual workout. Of course, we have children to cater to as well!

Q. What makes you feel that there is a market for what you have to offer?

A.People are generally quite conscious about their health nowadays. And they want every service under one roof. We are not only providing personal training sessions but also one on one nutritional consultancy with our nutritionist. We are offering diet plans according to people’s requirements keeping their health issues in mind. Our trainers also keep a check on clients’ physical health. So when they join us, they do not look elsewhere. It is like having your cake, and eating it too!

Q. Where does your motivation come from? And how do you transfer it to your clients?

A. I can’t say that I am a fitness freak, but I do like leading a healthy lifestyle. I believe that only physical fitness is not the key to health. Lifestyle is what you eat, what you think, how you feel, how you sleep, and also how you look. But unfortunately, nowadays people are too involved only in looking good, rather than working on making the inside look good too. I think that if you don’t feel healthy and fresh from the inside, you can never look pleasant from outside. Here at Fitness Pro Studio, we try to cater to all these problems that our clients face. We give solutions for sleep deprivation, and negative thinking, and attempt to bring consistency to people’s lives, aimed at maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. So I am in a constant state of motivation, because there are people looking up to me to help them sort out their lives. My enthusiasm is contagious.

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Q. What is the process of registering with Fitness Pro Studio? And what are the benefits?

A. The process is quite simple. Clients register with the facility, and are automatically eligible for nutritional advice, and a one-on-one session with the nutritional consultant. After an appropriate plan is chosen to meet the individual requirements of each client, our trainers get to work. The best part? There is always a follow-up!

Q. Where is Fitness Pro Studio headed in the near future?

A. In June, we are introduced a summer package for children, aimed at teaching them healthy lifestyles. Also, we are in the process of designing pre and post-natal health and fitness packages, along with correlating nutritional plans.

These days every second person is moving to Phase 6 and 8 in DHA lahore. So we personally think that Fitness Pro is a very good option for all the gym fanatics. It is centrally located and offers services beyond gym. After all , not all gyms offer you nutrionist.  If you have any query or want to join it , following are there contact details:

Phone number :042 37133192?

Location : FitnessPro Studio. 92 MB Phase 6 DHA 1st Floor above Molty Foam Near Gloria jeans Lahore.

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