Okay, so let’s start with what instigated me to write a blog on this slightly offbeat topic. I had my Instagram handle that I made in 2013. God knows what happened, it got disabled forever when I was making an official Instagram account for a business of mine. Then I again made IG account about two years ago, and deactivated it temporarily few weeks ago.

WHY? The reason is very simple, everyone is so artificial and fake on it, and I could not see such fake projection of various people. Also, I thought if I want to share something I am doing I might as well send it to my intimate group of people on whatsApp.


There were people who were on the verge of having divorce but would post mushy posts of gifts and some extra PDA with their husbands and captions like” I have the best husband , bla bla”. And I would be like “dude, just 3 days back you told xyz you hate your husband”.

Then there would be people, who would post their pictures all dolled up, with perfection from top to bottom. And most of them say themselves that it takes them at least 45 minutes to get THE perfect “insta picture”. WHY?

At one instance I picked a friend of mine and she was almost limping while sitting in my car, I asked the obvious question that “what gives”?. Her answer was simple, “we are going to the event and I want all my pictures to look great, the pictures will be circulated on all famous Instagram profiles, so I have to wear these heels no matter how painful I feel”. I mean pain over Instagram?

I have even heard stories where people actually take pictures, acting totally casual at someone else’s house (because its luxurious and beautiful) and giving the caption on the lines of “ Oh, what a tiring day”. God! How low or insecure can one get?

And then there are girls who use all those apps that literally transform a person. From reshaping nose to making you slim. They take hours in fixing their photos and then post their pictures

It’s all bloody annoying! Whatever happened to real life, honesty and being true to yourself?

The truth of the matter is our lives behind our perfect Instagram posts is not as artsy as they seem. I agree, we do have our weekly events that are entertaining but 90%of the photos we post for our Instagram followers to see and swoon over are merely an over-exaggerated version of their regular lives. Many of my friends do this, you do this, we all do this.

Below are a few examples of the process we all take part in before posting a picture on Instagram.

On Instagram this book seems so interesting. In real life we’re counting the pages until the chapter ends. 

Those pictures you see your friends post of a 300-page book next to a cup of coffee on a hammock or comfortable sofa  seem easygoing, relaxed and enjoyable. In actuality, we probably are on page one, dislike tea and are struggling to find a comfortable position in the not-so-relaxing hammock we forced ourselves to enjoy.

On Instagram the weekend was epic. In real life we spent the weekend planning and canceling plans.  Let’s face it, we can have every weekend that every Friday and Saturday night to be perfect. But that’s what we portray. I am not saying every weekend is boring but its humanly not possible to party and enjoy the entire weekend from Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm. But that’s what people show. From early morning posts about “waking up to this really tasty breakfast” to “ pictures in the try room of various shops” to “ dressed up with 1000 filters with a caption : off to have some fun, hashtag life is good)

On Instagram we look effortless. In real life this was selfie #32. We’re not all gifted with Kim Kardashian selfie skills, and even though the one we finally posted seems natural, it probably took us over 30 tries to master the selfie game, as well as four different filters.

On Instagram we’re happy to share our friend’s birthday. In real life we’re dreading posting another “Happy birthday!” Insta. We’re all obligated to post a collage or a simple picture for our best friend’s birthday, but even though we seem thrilled to celebrate another year of our friends’ existence, we’re already over the paragraph we have to write to publicize our friendship.

On Instagram we’re so casual. In reality we posed. This picture wasn’t on accident; we purposely were staring out into the view that was ahead of us. What you don’t see in the Instagram  picture is our mouths mumbling, “Did you take it yet?” to the photographer (most likely our mom).

I really wish people would be at least a little honest to themselves if not us. I am not talking about celebrity Instagram accounts. Each celebrity has a huge team of people making them look the way they look on their Instagram. But it’s impossible for a regular person to look perfect every day. I sometimes feel like asking all these fake people, who are you competing with? Why can’t you be happy in your own skin? Why can’t you accept yourselves the way you are?

I request all these people who are in virtual rat race to hold their horses and be themselves. There is nothing more empowering then accepting what you are and flaunting it!

We will talk more on this topic in our next blog. In the next blog, we will shed light on deeper aspects of real life versus Instagram life.




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