Everything You need to know about the Famous Journalist Influencer – Rabia Mughiss

Everything You need to know about the Famous Journalist Influencer – Rabia Mughiss

Rubia Moghees is a known name in the world of journalism, Fashion, blogging and PR. She has been in the business from over twenty years. A sweet and humble person by nature and an extremely devoted and passionate workaholic is what defines her. Her story is truly inspirational in every way. What I love the most about her is that she gives credit to every person who played even a small part in her successful journey; she is a rare species, because today no one does that. Now let’s begin with her interview

Q. So Rubia, let’s start with how it all began.

A. I did my graduation and masters from Kinnaird College. We were the first batch of Mass communication. The mass communication department made us do internships in various publications. I got to work for Nation. It was at Nation where I got to work with veteran journalists. I learned a lot from them. While I was working at Nation, I wrote pieces on fashion, crime, lifestyle etc. Then came a time when my bylines started coming on the front page of the newspaper. That was a huge thing. During this tenure, I got married and my husband preferred the idea that I should work from home. So it was then when I started doing freelance work for newspapers.

Q. Is it true that publications don’t pay you well, or pay you at all?

A. It’s completely true. Barring Dawn and OK Pakistan, most of the publications take months to clear the payment. My any publications still owe me my remuneration. I don’t want to mention the name, but most of the big newspapers and magazines take months and sometimes even more than a year to make the remuneration. It’s a tough process to run after them and take follow ups month after month. But despite of all of this, I have not stopped writing and will continue freelance writing because I am very passionate about it. I have written 10 thousand articles so far, and will continue it.

Q. So, when did you become a blogger?

A. I made my Instagram page very randomly in 2015. The story is actually very interesting. I had been running my Instagram account from quite some time  but it was private. So one fine day, Momin Ali Mounshi ( Lollywood Galaxy) took my phone and just like that made my page from public to private. And as shocking as it may sound, I got 2-3k followers just within 24 hours. Today I have 65k followers all of which are organic.

Q. With such great following, do you find handling an Instagram page tiring?

A. Well yes it is tiring and consuming. When I started off I did not like the idea of putting up my pictures. But it was need of the hour. People want to know and see the face behind successful influencers. So reluctantly I made peace with the fact that occasionally I have to post my pictures. But honestly, handling an Instagram page is not easy. It’s like a jehad. It becomes next to impossible to maintain phone-life balance or work-life balance for that matter.

Q. And what do you have to say about your website.

A. I started my website in 2017. I have tried to post as many articles that I have written so far on the website as possible. Actually Amna Niazi from siddysays gave me this idea. She told me that I write so well, so I should come up with my own website. I loved the idea and now I write on paid and nonpaid content on it

Q. Will you give credit to your journalistic career in helping you become such a famous blogger?

A. Totally! People knew me as a journalist. I had done interviews of all famous celebrities, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, social issues etc. So when the concept of launches started, people starting inviting me because by that time I had made my name in the market. Today also, I like to be called a journalist and not just a blogger.

Q. So journalistic career helped you in becoming a powerful influencer and being influencer helped you in becoming a PR professional, is that right?

A. Yes, I never realized that while I was attending all these events day and night, I was making contacts with people from all walks of life. I got my first PR job in 2017. From there onwards there was no looking back. Today I have a good number of PR clients. But PR is not easy, making proposals, creating unique guest list and give-aways and then making sure all the invitees attend the event, is very challenging. The industry is very cut throat which makes our jobs very exigent.

Q. How are your PR services different from your contemporaries?

A. Well, at the end of the day it’s the same thing, inviting people and creating hype. But I try to stand out by inviting different people on different events. Usually in PR, you always know that what kind of crowd a certain Publicist will pull in. In my case, it’s different; you will not see the same faces in all my events. That’s how I bring diversity. I have never gone to a client myself; people come to me because of the reputation I have created for myself. I have worked really hard for where I am today. And I think my hard work is paying off now. And why I am sustaining so successfully is because I believe if you do your job perfectly, people will keep giving you work. 

Q. Are you an expensive when it comes to uploading a paid post?

A. No I am not that expensive. In fact, I offer packages so that the client can get good coverage in a decent amount. I charge 3-4k for a post and then I have packages that include Instagram post, Instagram story and blogs. Here I would like to mention that it was Alina Shahid of The Style Journal and Mahira Javed of the awardrobeaffair are the two girls who insisted me on charging. They made me realize that I am a huge brand and I should charge.

Q. How are the Lahori people and clients in general?

A. Well people have become very pretentious. As far as the clients are concerned, some are very easy to work with while others are very difficult. A difficult client would come up with the weirdest demands such as giving them assurance that I will get them a good footfall. And then I have to educate them, that a publicists job is to create the right buzz and hype and if your product is good then they will come to you automatically.

Q. Is there any difference left between a blogger and an Instagram influencer?

A. In Pakistan, people are all about visuals. So people make Instagram profile, post their pictures and become self-proclaimed influencer. We have very few bloggers who actually have a website.

Q. Being blogger and PR person is a very demanding job. It’s more demanding than a 9-5 because here you are working round the clock. How does your husband deal with all of this?

A. Well it took him good ten months to realize how mentally exhausting my job is. He did not want me to do an office job so he is happy with the fact that I am working from home and doing so well. We never had a serious issue, per se. But yes I know that my family life suffers sometime. But my husband understands the dynamics of my job, so yes he cooperates a lot in terms of my long  working hours etc.

Q. Is the blogging industry in Pakistan is as good as it is in the West?

A. No way! In Pakistan it’s all about paid promotional content. In west, people write honest reviews and blogs. In fact, even India has some amazing bloggers such as Akanksha Redhu. Our bloggers are not into good , authentic and unbiased content

Q. Your favorite Pakistani Bloggers?

  • Something haute
  • Secret closet
  • Galaxy lollywood
  • A Wardrobe affair

Q. Three favorite Instagram accounts?

  • Aamiriat
  • Secret buyer Pakistan
  • The style journal

Q. Three Under rated influencers?

  • Secret buyer Pakistan
  • Aamiriat
  • Umairica
  • The MG’s

Q. Favorite iinternational blogger

  • Arianna Huffington
  • Smitten Kitchen

Q.Three people with whom you share a camaraderie in the business of entertainment 

  • Shehla chatoor
  • Sheru (HSY)
  • Khadija Shah ( Elan)


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