Lahories love to eat and eating is our second favorite obsession, first irrefutably being arguing about who is better PTI or N league! 😉

Frankly because we don’t have much to do here besides eating or maybe that’s what we like to think. So there’s always something opening or closing down every now and then due to something or the other however we Lahories (especially us) love to check out the new place because we’re always looking for ourselves – a good interior, ambiance and of course the food.

So the hunt has landed us yet again to this new place (not new actually been there for a few months)in Dha y block called Entourage. It’s a French bakery and restaurant and when we visited the place we were welcomed with Parisian iced tea and fresh pistachio and strawberry macaroons (the strawberry one we had devoured by the time we though of taking a picture). We met with the owner Salman who has a history of food business. I’ll share with you what all I found interesting at this restaurant:

•The owner Salman is from Paris, so is the chef Arno and even the architect came from Paris though he graduated from NCA.

•They want to bring authenticity of flavor by being a ‘Chef Plating restaurant” (meaning that the contemporary food aesthetics reflect the autonomy of the chef).

•They want to introduce the proper 4 to 5 French course meals.(even though the portion might seem small to many).

•Lahore has a sweet tooth so they’ve got real bona fide French cakes. (and BTW KitKat is not a flavor).

•They wanted to keep it small and minimalistic so that everyone is treated and served uniformly.

•According to them the major ingredients are handpicked from Paris.

•Every Friday they invite a social figure be it an architect, a celebrity or sportsperson to serve at the tables and the tips they get offered are later donated to charity.

•The best factor about this restaurant I found is that they don’t charge for the water! ! While other restaurants charge more than the regular price here it’s absolutely free and I think its absolutely brilliant!

•We ordered a couple of things in the starters like the mozzarella pesto salad, mushroom risotto, and breaded mozzarella sticks with dips. We liked them all and realized the small portion is how it’s supposed to be.

•In the main entrees we had the comfit duck leg which had a legitimate authentic French touch to it.

•Overall we are happy with the place, we appreciate the minimalistic design approach and the use of textures and different mediums in the interiors.

Definitely going again!

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